Energy for Minor Chakras of the Ears and Neck

Energy for Minor Chakras in the Head is the 2nd of 4 compilations of the minor chakras. One of the challenges of the minor chakras (some say that there are over 100) is that they go by many different names. The names I used are the ones used by the videos on my website that were sponsored.
Below is some general information on the ones in this video, but suggest doing more research to learn how they may relate to you.
Videos in Compilation:
Reiki for the Ear Chakras, Reiki for the Inner Ear Chakras, Reiki for the Center of the Neck Chakra, Reiki for the Base of the Neck Chakra, and Reiki for the Zeal Chakra.
Here is more information on these chakras:
Ear Chakras - Located in the ears/ear channel and it works on how you perceive energy through sound.
Inner Ear Chakras - These are found in the inner ear (around the cochlea). It may help with receiving messages from higher energetic sourcs.
Center of the Neck Chakra - This located in the center of the neck. Connects the energy of the shoulders and arms. This center works with the nerves of the body.
Base of the Neck Chakra - Bottom of the neck where the neck and shoulders meet. People who suffer from tension may feel relief from the energy in this area.
Zeal Chakra - This is located where the neck and skull meet. Many people who suffer from migraines, have challenges with this chakra.
Use this video with the first video, Energy for Minor Chakras of the Head, Also use it with Removing Negative Energy from the Aura, Chakras, and Meridians,

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