End of Year/Q4 Project Manager To Do List - Tips to End The Year Strongly & Maintain Your Projects

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Can you believe it's already Q4/October?! This means we are rapidly approaching the end of 2021 and when you take into account the number of upcoming holiday weeks, 2022 will be here before you know it! In today's video, I wanted to share 4 tips I have for project managers to help them end the year strongly and maintain their projects! These are specific to things/tasks I like to do in preparing for the holiday season/end of year.

Tip 1:
Do a thorough and in depth review of all upcoming project milestones and tasks. This should really be further out than your weekly project review and focused on ensuring there is no overlap between major project milestones/tasks/deliverables and holidays or outages that your team might have. The goal here is to ensure that any important deliverables can be done even with the holidays.
Tip 2:
Put together an outage calendar. If you have a large team, it will be challenging to understand and remember when everyone is heading out on vacation in addition to their holiday time. This can be additionally more complex if you're working with an international team that might celebrate other holidays than yourself as well! For a good outage calendar you want to have everyone fill in:
- when they will be out
- who their backup is
- any and all deliverables they need to or plan to complete before they leave
Tip 3: Save all your files/back them up
Tip 4: Collect Feedback
Lots of times we think of feedback only when it comes time for our formal reviews, but collecting feedback intermittently is important. I like to make a habit of asking for feedback now in Q4 before the new year and the holidays.

These are useful regardless of if you're looking to be a Google PM or PMI-focused PM. In general, these tips could apply to anyone working in a corporate environment and are based on my own learnings.

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