Employment Law - Returning to Work Post Pandemic

1:39 - What are the issues surrounding home working?
4:33 - Can employers force staff to return to the office?
5:48 - Does this affect employees with child care and disability issues?
6:57 - What happens to employees who refuse to agree to a variation in their contracts?
09:05 - How should employers deal with those who refuse to return to the office?
11:27 - Do employees who aren't disabled have any extra protection from dismissal?
13:51 - Have there been any reported cases yet?
16:10 - Does that mean H&S claims based on COVID concerns are unlikely to succeed?
19:51 - What is the current COVID guidance?
21:25 - Is there any specific guidance for those with a weaker immune system?
22:29 - Is there any particular guidance for those with a vulnerability?
24:03 - Is it important to make adjustments?
27:24 - What are the self-isolation requirements since this was withdrawn in February?
29:40 - Can an employer stop an employee from coming into the office if they have tested positive with COVID?
30:52 - Does an employer have to pay an employee if they are sent home and can't work remotely?
31:33 - Is there any legal requirement in the UK for an employee to be vaccinated against COVID?
33:00 - Can employers require employees to be vaccinated against COVID in order to work?
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