Employment Law: Key Considerations When Using Social Media

Angus McLean and Adam Hugill talk about the use of social media and the impact that it can have in the workplace. Adam highlights some examples which ended up creating a substantial amount of trouble for the employee.

They also discuss an employer's ability to monitor employees' social media accounts and data privacy regulations in Hong Kong. Adam wraps up pointing out real-life issues that employers and employees should pay attention to avoid potential embarrassment or disputes.

Show Notes
01:02 Social media as a widespread phenomenon
02:00 Justine Sacco case
03:09 Rachel Burns case
05:03 Dismissal – including for gross misconduct
06:36 Monitoring employees' social media accounts
07:33 The 3 As: Assessment – Alternative – Accountability
08:16 The 3 Cs: Clarity – Communication – Control
09:20 Tips for employees
10:04 Tips for employers

Transcript and more on our website: https://www.hugillandip.com/2022/01/podcast-s3e6-employment-law-key-considerations-when-using-social-media/
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