Employer Webinar recording – November 15, 2022

If you’re a participating employer, view this video to learn how the Plan Office can support your organization, your responsibilities when submitting employee hours, the difference between funded and unfunded hours, an overview of EmployerConnect, and what's involved in the audit process. SEE CHAPTERS BELOW for easy reference:

01:24 – About the pension & LTD plans
04:33 – How we can support your organization
05:13 – Employer Responsibilities
10:01 – Aligning reporting & payroll schedules
10:29 – Funded hours
13:21 – Unfunded hours
14:27 – EmployerConnect: keying hours in directly
17:30 – EmployerConnect: uploading a CSV file
18:56 – The audit process
21:34 – How to contact the Plan Office
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