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Good Employer will treat Helper like a human being and uderstanding their contribution dispite their level status.

Beloved Employer
Stop being double standards on yourself if your hands feel uncomfortable touching the toilet bowl.
I made the video not to complain about hongkong regulations but to complain about your attitude towards us.
Be a double standard never make you so great but even make you look so stupid especially when you drop comments that are not related to the post.
The post talks about the rule that Employer Shoud gives 24 Hours Rest Day to Their Helper in a Week, if Employer Fails and Complains will be fined $50000 HKD not a complaint but a fact that you should know about.
As an Employer in Hong Kong, I believe they are the most superior people, but even an educated person doesn't mean their behavior or their attitude or their thinking is as good as their value.
Believe it or not there are still a lot of Employers out there Exploiting their maids to feed their selfishness and their Rights and their own profit without caring about the Maid's Rights.
The position of the workforce is quite cleaned and the ID407 Work Contract is very clearly adhered to but when it comes out to the Double Standard of Personality.....
The rules are just a piece of paper to them, because they are full of denial and full of Drama in themselves.
Not accepting reality and not acknowledging themselves even denying the flaws of their life is just being Perfect.
Treating other people like dirt, and thinking about yourself is too high standard but actually Zero is down to The earth, pretending to be a good person but only showing off to outsiders.
Stop Pretending and Start Accepting.... You rely too much on Helper the evidence is real when Suspended Flights were banned the last 2 years.
Again... If you are good enough as a Good Employer and Mrs... No need to feel offended by reading my post or trying to Report it.
Be Mature and Wise using your social media Ma'am....
Thank you ...
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