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We have engaged with Andrew Bland from Blands Law to discuss the grey area on Covid-19 vaccinations in the workplace. In our discussions, we will mainly focus on Victoria.

Colin Wilson, Director of Key Business Advisors will be interviewing Andrew about the issues of vaccinations and how businesses can deal with this complex situation. It is becoming more and more complex by the day. Depending on where your business is and what industry you are in, different rules may apply and they are changing rapidly and often without notice from the government.

In this Zoom live Q&A, Andrew Bland and Colin Wilson will lead a discussion hitting topics such as:

• Can I mandate vaccinations for customers and staff?

• What if customers and staff refuse to be vaccinated?

• What privacy obligations do I have?

• What are my potential liabilities?

Due to the high response from our recent blog we decided to hold this Webinar to answer all of your questions.

Here is the link to our blog:

If you have any questions for Andrew or Colin please send them through email to [email protected]

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