Employer Branding & Its Role In Recruitment

Employer branding is essential in today’s competitive job market. It not only creates a positive impression of your organization, but also helps attract top talent.

On this episode of Leader Generation, experienced brand marketing professional, Whitney Cornuke answers questions such as:
• How important is employer branding in recruiting?
• What are the benefits of employer branding?
• How does it differ from other forms of marketing?

Employers who invest time and resources into their employer brand are likely to see higher levels of employee retention and productivity. Listen now to hear ideas and get inspired.

This episode of the Leader Generation Podcast is hosted by Tessa Burg, Chief Technology Officer at Mod Op.

About Whitney Cornuke:
Whitney Cornuke is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at TalentLaunch. She has fifteen years of experience in driving businesses through strong P&L management, financial analysis, product innovation and go-to-market strategy, brand strategy and multi-media communications, team leadership and people development, and retail strategy and partnership. Whiney is also passionate about coaching and developing talent to build high-performing teams.

About Tessa Burg:
Tessa Burg is Host of the Leader Generation podcast and Chief Technology Officer at Mod Op after its acquisition of Tenlo in 2022. In her previous role as Vice President of Technology, she helped clients execute engaging, multi-platform experiences and products to bring their brands to life. In her role as CTO, Tessa oversees Mod Op’s technology stack to ensure the agency is leveraging the right platforms to deliver valuable and measurable marketing communications, entertainment and experiences.

Tenlo and the Leader Generation podcast were acquired by Mod Op in April 2022.
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