Employer Brand: Perception Versus Reality

Employer Brand: Perception Versus Reality

I think a lot of companies don't really understand that the market is going to determine what your company culture is like anyway, it's gonna be a perception.

As a candidate you're gonna read through the pros and cons and all the different reviews of your company... Glassdoor and a couple other companies out there have those types of company reviews built into the job boards, et cetera. When candidates read those reviews, like it or not, that's what's out there.

When these candidates see those one star reviews, most of them that are reading, going through those reviews, would realize that, "Hey, I didn't like the company because they have a yellow logo," there are those types of reviews on there. So, just realize that the good candidates that you're looking for, if they're reading those reviews, will recognize that the negative review isn't gonna have as much of a negative impact on them. Usually you can overcome that when you're talking to the candidate during the interview process.

Our guest today is the Executive Vice President for Recruiting at Talentcare, and we will be discussing Employer Branding, how and where to start building your EVP.

Please welcome to the show Elle Aldridge.

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