Employees Reveal The Truth About Working At Panera

Panera Bread may be one of the most popular fast casual restaurants in the U.S. today, but when it got its start in 1980, it was just a tiny, 400 square foot cookie shop in Boston, Massachusetts. Over 40 years and several acquisitions later, Panera has grown to more than 2300 locations that employ over 140,000 people.

You might be wondering just what it’s like to be one of those Panera employees. Are the cookies really fresh? Do they get those paninis at a discount? Is it true that mac and cheese comes out of bag? Let’s find out as these employees reveal the truth about working at Panera.

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Employees don't really cook there | 0:00
Employees aren't baking bread | 1:25
Keeping employees on their toes | 2:38
A fast prep line | 3:29
Super busy rushes | 4:08
A stressful drive-thru | 5:20
Panera's tech innovations | 6:28
Employees get a discount | 7:34
The leftovers | 8:16
Co-workers are everything | 9:03
A failed social experiment | 10:08
Covid-19's impact | 11:11

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