Employee Tracker Updates: December 2020

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ETP Updates December 2020

1. New user security option in Menus-Edit Time and Attendance titled “Allow viewing of all departments”
2. Reports-Employee Information-Print Scan Fields now supports output to Preview, Printer, PDF or Excel
3. Added a Search box to the Employee Click and Pick report to locate fields
4. The Advanced Buckets now has options for “No Position” and “No Job”
5. Added two new options to Security-Batch: “Update Bucket Elements as Automatic” and “Update Bucket Elements as Manual”
6. Added more Batch Override options to Utilities-Security-Options-Batch to edit only Department, Supervisor, Status or Shift to Automatic or Manual
7. The “Send ESS/Mobile Setup Notifications” now has an option to include the QR Code which can be used to setup the Mobile Application

1. Fixed challenge when a Step Rate is applied to a Position directly and would report an incorrect rate
2. Fixed issue on the Attendance Exception Analysis which would report incorrect numbers on a new page
3. Fixed issue when adding a new Time record and the Logical Overrides are not performed until a subsequent recalculation
4. Fixed error on the Attendance Exception Analysis
5. Fixed issue with the “GL From Earn/Dept/Pos” to be sure the policy “Position As Earning Code Accumulation Factor” is being observed correctly
6. Fixed issue on the Weekly schedule where progressing the date forward or backwards would not properly clear the flags and subsequently not allow some records to be edited
7. Fixed issue with Time-Zone Premiums where the In scan occurred prior to midnight, but rounding causes the scan time to move to the next day
8. For scenarios where an employee is affected by a position-based step rate, and the employee Position details also contains a date-based rate then the date-based rate will take precedence
9. Fixed a scenario where if an employee had a step-rate in the Position, and also a step-rate in their Rate History now the Employee Click and Pick report as well as export to the PCMTR file
10. When adding a new Absent transaction via the Common Transaction Interface the Rate will no longer continue to use a Rate Override applied to the previously selected Absent code
11. Fixed issue where a User Profile saved in ETv10 would not display correctly when viewing in ETv9
12. Fixed issue where the Employee List, Transaction Analysis and Time Bank Audit were selected incorrectly for ETv10 access
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