Employee Tracker Updates: August 2021

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1. The Points Analysis now supports “No Points” option in Detailed view
2. The Points Analysis now has an option for Monthly Totals
3. Setup-Payroll Export now has an ability to Search the “G.L. From Earnings” grid
4. Setup-Payroll Export now has an option to Export the “G.L. From Earnings” grid
5. New options in Utilities-Security, ETv10 tab-Employee Profile: “Notes” and “EED”
6. New option available on the Payroll Export Audit List report when Nebs policy is active and using Multi Company configuration: “Multi Company Subtotal”
7. New Policy available in Information category: “Mobile GeoFencing” with [Advanced Options] to select a Map Provider and how to handle Schedule vs Home Department assignment
8. New menu Setup-GeoFences if the policy is enabled which allows for simple GeoFence definition
9. New drop down available when GeoFence Policy is enabled in Setup-Departments “GeoFence” which allows for assignment of the department to a GeoFence
10. New drop down available when GeoFence Policy is enabled in Setup-Employees-Defaults category “GeoFence” which allows for assignment of an individual to a setup GeoFence
11. New menu option Setup-GeoFences available when the Policy is enabled
12. Utilities-Employee Batch Edits now allows for assignment of the GeoFence if the Policy is enabled
13. The Employee Click and Pick report now supports GeoFence field if the Policy is enabled
1. Setup-GeoFences now contains options for each Fence on what to do if a scan does not contain coordinates
2. Setup-GeoFences no longer makes the main Employee Tracker windows unresponsive
3. The Earnings List on the Time, Attendance and Earnings report can now be output to Preview, Printer, PDF or Excel
4. New policy available in Information category: “ZK Push Settings” with options for dealing with Time Synchronization and device time offsets
5. New option in Policies-Integration-ETv10 / PaywebTime Settings: “Show Action Center on login if items to process”
6. Added a disclaimer to the bottom of the Summarized Department sub-report of the Time Transaction Analysis when not all the departments have been selected in the buckets
7. The policy Payroll-Nebs Payroll Advanced Features now allows for commas in the FTP password
8. Added “Contact” button to Utilities-Users to associate an email address with a user
9. Added new policy Security-“Two Factor Authentication” which will require users to verify their identify via emailed verification code prior to login

1. Fixed issue in Edit Time and Attendance where the Daily, Weekly and Grand Totals would contain accumulations of any transactions hidden due to Approved or Un-Approved being un-checked
2. The Daily Summary report now obeys the No Dollars security setting
3. Fixed challenge with the Point Analysis where employees would suddenly bunch up instead of separated by an Employee Total line
4. Adding or Editing a Holiday will now write to the System Access Log
5. Fixed error when attempting to Print from the Preview form when running Reports-Master Setup Information-Jobs
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