Employee to Side Hustle: Why Some CEO's Worry About Losing Thier Jobs



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Losing your job can be emotionally terrifying in the moment. Entertaining the though of losing your apartment, condo, house, car, and bank account can literally run you crazy. Especially if you're the CEO of a company and about to lose your job. On the flip side of things, while you're the CEO and on the brink of having your job nixed, it can also be a blessing in disguise.



In the heyday, school taught you to work for the system. Learn all you can about being a good employee and going to work for the company. Rely on the company for your sole source of income. And if you work your way to the top of the company, you virtually made it. That's not always the case.


In today's world we live in, you need to have a seconday supplemental source of income as a "side hustle financial cushion." Even if you're the CEO working for the company, you're still working for someone else and prone to being laid off of let go. Sometimes, let no for no reason at all if you work in the status "at will employment."


I discuss in this video how I came across an onliner article "72% of CEOs Worry They'll Lose Their Job in 2022." Most CEO's that work in bllion dollar companies today still rely on "old school thinking," meaning working for the system without a plan b for securing a secondary source of income. My argument in this video is understanding the importance of having a side hustle, believing enough in yourself to start a faith-based side hustle working remotely from anywher.e, or working from home on a "side hustle passion project" as a genuine labor of love using the internet. While CEOs and some everyday working class people are being forced out of their jobs, the gig economy we live in today of information technology, affiliaate marketing, and side hustling online are making some people "side hustle millionaires," working quietly in secret to achieve financial freedom online.


While some people wonder if it's too late to change their way of thinking and start a work from home based side hustle, always know that it's not too late. Change your mindset and your habits. Commit yourself to building a side hustle in your spare time online doing something you truly love to do. While this is no get rich quick quick thing, working on your side hustle requires dedication, patience, and a visionary mindset where you see your online business and yourself in the next five to 10 years.


If you've just been let go from your job, now's the time to get that side hustle going. So next time around, you'll be well prepared emotionaly and financially when disaster strikes.
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