Employee Time Off Requests via App & Web | uAttend Help Tutorial

Allowing your employees to request time off via our free app or web portal will save your admin so much hassle, and ensure your business always has the correct number of workers for production.

uAttend by Chronologic is a time and attendance system designed to help your business save time, money and workforce resources.​

uAttend is incredibly easy-to-use and includes:

Attendance tracking - via 6 different clocking methods​
Automated payroll data - including your overtime and pay rate calculations
Employee scheduling - easily plan shifts, roles, employee numbers and more
Reporting - know your labour costs, absence and holiday figures​
Holiday management - request and approve time-off through the system​
Data exports - payroll, reports, timesheets and rotas

Access to the software is available via monthly subscription and uAttend is 100% cloud-based, meaning there’s nothing to install or keep updated.

www.uattend.co.uk | 01761 410084 | [email protected]
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