Employee Testimonial: PHP Software Engineer - Mujtaba Siddiqui

At Chetu, developing and growing our team members is a constant priority, as our ability to help our clients with their software needs is contingent upon maintaining our expertise in all the latest industry trends. As such, we provide our team members consistent opportunities to learn and augment their skills, including providing access to our Skill Enhancement Center that has helped numerous team members become true professionals in the software development world.

Hear from one of our PHP software engineers, Mujtaba Siddiqui, who recently completed his first year at Chetu, talk about the benefits at Chetu, what he loves about the company, and why he'd recommend others to be a part of it to grow their careers.

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Hi, I'm Mujtaba Siddiqui, and I've been working as a software engineer in Chetu for the past one year. I joined here working in the technology of PHP, then I got to work on WordPress, and after that, I also worked in CodeIgniter in PHP technology. Here at Chetu, you have the Skill Enhancement Center, which you can use to upgrade your skills if you want to learn new technologies, and other new stuff. Using that, I upgraded myself and started learning new technologies like blockchain, and currently I'm associated with a few projects related to blockchain and working in blockchain technology. Apart from that, I'd like to talk about the benefits that Chetu provides. Here at Chetu, you have a six-month appraisal policy, which you are not going to get in any other company.

Here at Chetu, we also provide subsidized lunch and dinner facilities, cabs and whatnot, which means you can just name it and you'll find it here. So, I would like to thank Chetu for providing this opportunity to upscale and growing my career prospects. Thank you.
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