Employee Testimonial - Komal Sharma - Software Test Engineer

At Chetu, we believe that investing in the development of our employees and encouraging them to be better professionals can help them mold their career paths. We provide a learning culture to our employees that fosters both professional & personal growth. Hear from our Software Test Engineer, Komal Sharma, on her experience at Chetu and what she loves the most about being part of the Chetu family.

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Hi, my name is Komal, and I'm working as a software test engineer in Chetu for the past year now. So my experience in Chetu has been very joyful, like, I get a chance to learn a lot of things. And before joining, I was really confused about what will be the work culture here, but now I'm very satisfied with the culture.

My seniors and team members are very polite in nature, and whenever I got stuck at some point they are always available and guide me very politely. And the second best part about Chetu is they provide you a learning culture. Like they held a presentation for new technology training. And that presentation is very important for me because we work for eight or nine hours in a day and we would hardly get a chance to learn new tools and technology and this keeps us updated about the market and things.

So in that, an experienced person will provide you the presentation and they will provide you the knowledge at what he is doing in the position, like how he is working. So I get a chance to learn real-time scenarios. So that is very beneficial for me. And that's all from my side.
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