Employee Testimonial - Jeff Parcheta - Director of Sales

Chetu strives to offer its employees an environment that helps them improve as professionals and learn new skills to accelerate their career development. As the key to our 22-year success, we consider team member development a core business tenet.

Jeff Parcheta, one of Chetu's newest Director of Sales, talks about his experience at the company. Learn about Chetu's rapid growth and how the company offers a unique career growth experience.

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Hello. My name's Jeff Parcheta. I'm a Director of Sales here at Chetu.

I was hired about two years ago as a National Account Manager. And what I like most about Chetu is the level of support you get; they really do give you a pathway to success and a plan to move forward and grow your business. And it's been nothing but great here at Chetu.

So come join Chetu! Look forward to seeing you.
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