Employee Testimonial - Drisya R - Software Engineer

At Chetu, we aim to develop our employees and help them be the best they can be at professional and personal levels. We provide a learning culture that encourages our team members to be the best versions of themselves. Hear from our Software Engineer, Drisya R, on her experience at Chetu and what she loves the most about being part of the Chetu family.

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Hello everyone, I am Drisya and I have been working with Chetu for the last six months as a Software Developer. Chetu is a terrific place to work with where opportunities are on this. Chetu has given me a lot of opportunities to develop my skills what I like most here is the environment where you get to directly interact with the client in presence of your team leads and project managers

The next I like about Chetu is the skill center which provides employees the perspective of the background they get to learn in different technologies like Dotnet PHP node.js or whatever the next thing is about the cab management facilities which I as a female feel very safe to travel with then obviously has a six months policy appraisal policy which each and every form doesn't provide and I thank Chetu for giving me such a good opportunity to working with them thank you
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