Employee Testimonial Camille Cardona, Media Buyer and PPC specialist

Providing an ideal environment where our employees can grow and succeed is a top priority for us at Chetu. We aim to both support and encourage our employees to develop quickly to help advance their careers and become an integral part of our world-class organization.

Hear from our media buyer and PPC specialist, Camille Cardona, on her experience at Chetu and what she loves the most about being part of the Chetu family.

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Hi, my name is Camille Cardona. I'm a media buyer and PPC specialist and I joined Chetu almost a year ago now and I couldn't be happier. We have a great, great level of support from our management, as well as from our coworkers here in the company. And it's a great opportunity if you're looking to grow in your career and to have more challenges. So don't hesitate to apply because we will be more than happy to have you here.
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