Employee Testimonial - Arvind Kumar, Technical Project Manager

Chetu, as an organization, takes pride in developing its employees and helping them hone new skills to rapidly advance their careers. and honing new skills for the employees. When it comes to exposure to new technology and solutions, Chetu offers a hands-on approach that allows team members to learn and grow as software development professionals.

Hear from Arvind Kumar, one of our technical project managers, on the growth he has experienced in the last 13 years at Chetu, what he loves about the company, how it can help advance your career today!

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Hello. My name is Arvind Kumar. I am working at Chetu Inc. as a technical project manager for the last 13 years. I joined this company as a team member then got promoted to a technical architect, team leader, and right now I'm working as a project manager from our headquarters in Florida. This company gives you the opportunity to learn different technologies, and take on new challenging projects that help you to grow in your career. This provides a very good, friendly culture for your communications, as well as direct communication with your clients, and senior managers. So I'm loving working here. Thank you.
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