Employee Testimonial - Anjali Das - Senior Software Engineer

At Chetu, we believe providing an ideal work environment helps foster meaningful employee growth and development. We aim to help our team members acquire the required skills to become better professionals and, therefore, advance in their careers. Hear from our Senior Software Engineer, Anjali Das, on her experience at Chetu and what she loves the most about being part of the Chetu family.

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Hello everyone. I'm Anjali Das, and I have been working for Chetu for almost two years. And within that time and journey with Chetu, I had a lot of exposure to different types of technologies. If you have skills, you can go ahead and switch to another technology as per your skill set. So apart from that, the company also provides some benefits, which make your life a lot easier, flexible when not in-office hours. And also, regarding the management, I really appreciate them that they provide support and other benefits, which makes my working life balanced between my personal and the office hours. So I also really appreciate my PM, who really supports me and whenever I needed him, he was there. So that's all my journey so far with Chetu. And thank you so much.
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