Employee Testimonial - Abhishek Rana - QA Engineer

Providing an ideal work environment is crucial to our commitment to employee development here at Chetu. We care about our employees' professional growth as well as their well-being. Investing in our team members is the main factor of our success. Hear from our QA Engineer, Abhishek Rama, about his experience working at Chetu.

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Hello everyone, my name is Abhishek Rana, and I'm working at Chetu as a QA engineer for the past three years. Right now my journey is full of professional and personal growth. Growth, in terms of, Chetu providing better learning opportunities and learning experiences, and a lot of better things that an employee can get from the company. So the best part about working at Chetu is that they do have a skill enhancement center in which a person can enhance their skills, and upgrade their skills in terms of new tools and technologies and work within the projects in which they want to, depending on their interests and their capabilities. Chetu does have an experienced and skilled IT Team, which has helped us in the tough COVID times, and a creative HR team, which helps a lot in terms of the personal and professional growth. They do provide some different activities in terms of medical camps, health checkups, yoga sessions, all in terms of employee benefits. Apart from this, Chetu does have world-class benefits, one of them is a six-month appraisal, which I think no company is providing as of now, and they do provide some free cabs, juices, food, insurance, and a lot of other benefits. So, they really do provide a wonderful journey, and I really thank Chetu for giving me this opportunity. I'm really proud of it.
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