Employee Reviews for Thirty One Gifts- Deep Dive

You know those people? The ones that the anti-mlm crowd tend to completely ignore, and hunbots forget exist (except for their Consultant Support)... Yea, those folks. Let's hear about Thirty-One Gifts from the people who make Thirty-One Gifts move in this deep dive of employee reviews.

00:00 Where I say Hi, and give you a general channel introduction
00:47:13 Recap
02:10:03 Employee Reviews Deep Dive Introduction
03:57:07 Positions within Thirty-One Gifts Home Office
05:29:08 Different Positions and Locations
09:08:16 Employee Views on Company Management
10:44:10 Reviews From Those in Customer Service
13:35:13 Reviews From the Maintenance and Skilled Professions
within Thirty-One Gifts Home Office
22:52:07 Reviews from Administrative Positions and Human Resources
29:19:09 Reviews from Accounting
30:44:22 Reviews from IT
31:31:14 Conclusion- Thanks For Watching
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