Employee Review Templates - Over 3000 Key Performance Indicators available on AssessTEAM

Your AssessTEAM account comes with a database of more than 3000 Key Performance Indicators grouped into several result areas for easy accessibility.

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Click on the result areas tab to access all available result areas. Clicking the View button gives us the result area details. We can edit an existing performance indicator or add new ones to this result area.

Use the Add a new result area button to add new result area groups and their corresponding performance indicators in the library. You can search for an existing performance indicator or create a new one using the Add a new performance indicator button. Enter the title, use appropriate scale and save the details.

Let's look at a sample evaluation created using one of these result areas. Select answers as appropriate, leave notes wherever applicable and click on the finish evaluation button to complete the evaluation. The evaluator can sign the evaluation and send it to someone for signature.

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Time codes:
0:00 - Intro
0:10 - Access all available result areas
0:27 - Add a new result area
1:04 - Complete the evaluation
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