Employee Retention Strategies Pay Benefits Money Flexibility | Jeff Kortes | headhunter perspective

Jeff Kortes an international speaker, author, and expert on Employee Retention. He will be going through the Recruitment Strategies from a Headhunter 3 of 8 episodes.

Head hunter, former HR leader, recruiter, and speaker. Who better to train your people than someone who steals talent for a living?

We are going to talk about everybody's favorite subject, "Money". Most employers think it's the key to successfully retaining people, but it's not. You do have to be competitive with pay, but it takes more than money. You have to stay up with the market, so you don't run into that problem. Another key component is benefits, but instead of being the same, pay just a little bit more than your competition. The last key component we will discuss is flexibility. Neither 100% remote, nor 100% in the office are ideal. A mixture of remote work and in office time is great to maintain culture.
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