Employee Performance Review Bias

Bias in Employee Performance Review and solutions to overcome these types of annual review performance rating biases. - Let’s connect here - https://linktr.ee/gro.up

There’s often great intentions with performance reviews however the process is typically flawed by lack of a clear evaluation process, infrequent to no feedback, and rating biases that managers unknowingly carry. These biases are prevalent and often unrecognized, unnoticed, they persist regardless of the performance review questions or ratings.

Many times the dilemma for the manager is that the performance management system is deficient or incomplete. Proper performance management includes clear expectations and goals, coherent evaluation process that draws from a number of areas of performance like quality and productivity, and routine feedback delivery. If you do not have clear expectations and an apparent way to evaluate, it’s rather challenging for a manager to deliver feedback and for an employee to understand what is expected of them.

Writing Performance Reviews - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCnJ8REbD7c

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