Employee Mindset & Private Practice Mindset. Which One Are You Showing Up In?


Psychologists, Social Workers and Therapists! Join me every week for free tips and actionable trainings for creating a private practice with soul!
Do you ever wish somebody would just give it to you straight on how to ethically integrate spiritual practicea with the running of your private practice?
That they would tell you what’s working and what's not, share success stories of other online therapists in private practice so that you can model their best strategies and finally get more bookings in the diary, visitors to the website, income to the practice, balance with your time and freedom in life?
Yep...me too, and that's exactly what I'm bringing you on the Private Practice With Soul podcast, specifically tailored for therapists that want to start or who are already in private practice and want to infuse it with spiritual practices!
New episodes are available every Wednesday and Saturday that you can listen to while you walk the dog, cook dinner for your family, or drive your little ones around in the car. Just join me every week at your convenience.
What makes our podcast unique:
It was started when I was working as a Psychologist and then I retired to pursue a way of working that better aligned with my values
My experience includes working in Medicare for 20+ years and creating a practice under that model as well as creating a practice from scratch under a counselling model
I have been to over 20 countries to gain practical experience and knowledge in different spiritual beliefs, tools and processes and now I actively apply them to creating success in private practice
I lead the biggest Australian community of Counsellors including allied health professionals that provide counselling services)
We are going to talk about:
Private practice!
My journey so that you cab see what it pp gets to look like
The processes I use every day to create success in my business
Creating and maintaining a private practice mindset
I’ll share actionable tools that you can use straight away
We’ll talk about case studies that had been deidentified of what the pp journey looks like
I’ll share my personal experience with you in a way that doesn’t hold back
I’ll show you what’s possible and encourage you to take action
I am going deep and sharing some of my best how-to plans so that you can listen and then apply the techniques to align your values with your practice and finally work in flow!
Your next steps!
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