Employee Departure - Managing The Risk

Intellectual Property (IP) and other Commercially Sensitive Information (CSI) are valuable assets to any organisation. Departing employees may leave amicably without increasing risks to the integrity of your CSI or IP. However, sometimes additional risks present themselves, and further investigation is warranted.

In our experience, employees moving to a competitor as well as disgruntled ex-employees who want to take and use your IP and CSI for their own advantage, or who might want to damage your organisation’s reputation will overtly or covertly find a way to do so.

This recorded session hosted by BDO Australia and Coleman Greig Lawyers aims to provide you with the information and tools to act appropriately, respond to these risks proportionally, and protect your organisation.

In this recorded session, we address:
- What employers can direct employees to do
- If employers can search or examine employees' personal devices, and if so, how the data on these can best be captured, keeping the chain-of-custody intact as best as possible
- How employers can use the evidence they obtain through workplace surveillance in an internal investigation or in court
- The processes for taking legal action to enforce obligations of confidence in the event of a breach
- The main steps an employer should take to prevent and detect issues in the employee departure process
- Key insights from case study examples.

- Stan Gallo - Partner, Forensic Services, BDO in Australia (https://www.bdo.com.au/en-au/our-people/stan-gallo)
- Dominic Russell - Special Counsel, Employment Law, Coleman Greig Lawyers (https://colemangreig.com.au/event-organizer/dominic-russell/)

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