elon musk IMPREGNATED neuralink employee right before grimes [2022] | Bacterial Culture Media

Elon Musk impregnated Neuralink executive Chivon Zilis, within weeks of conceiving his second chlld, via surrogacy, with Grimes, and most certainly while they were reportedly together, and at the very least while they were co-parenting and creating the illusion that they were, in fact, still together. Perhaps it is appropriate to say that the only one creating illusions around monogamy was Elon Musk, himself. Though we can't say that Grimes HAD any illusions as to the nature of her husband. He has been known, as we explore in this video, to have views around child-rearing and spreading his...erm, pollenating a lot of beautiful flowers, we shall say, and having winds blow the seeds of his particular grasses all around the earth...yeah, that...
Yikes, Though we can't NOT thank him for doing his part to help the population of the world, right? Well, that's a number and a group which a lot of people would argue needs to shrink, and not grow...what is the science, the epistemological data and real-time, real-number statistics on that? Let us know your take on it, and all of this Elon Musk shenanigans, in the comments section.
I think that a lot of men would love to use humanitarian causes and biological/anthropological party-dropping anecdotes to effetively justify their sexual behavior. However, we can't really say for sure that this was traditional conception, in any case. Case in point, Amber Heard and her frozen embryos, arguably from artificial insemination. What was the reason for freezing them, just to use them, anyways? Perhaps that was her excuse to get them, and then entrap Elon into a lifetime of secret, blackmail-esque child support payments...
my, oh, my...what a tangled web we weave, innit?!
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