Elizabeth Letendre: Environment and the Passing of Skills and Knowledge | Full Interview

Welcome to our full interview with Elizabeth (Liz) Letendre (Director of History & Archives / Wanigash Daca Igitaubi Igihnabi Basnibde, Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation (ANSN), Treaty 6 Territory). October 6, 2021, Kateri Jones (ANSN Member) sat with Liz to discuss environment, culture and traditional life and how changes on her traditional territory and within society have impacted her and her community. Liz shares stories and insights from the past, present and for the future. Her experience and perspective are powerful reflections on how Stoney people have been impacted by changes in the environment, heavy industry and political decision-making. These are first-hand personal accounts and experiences that provide wisdom and truths, that cross many cultures around the world. Ish Nish (Thank you), I hope you enjoy.

01:05 Growing up around the lake
02:46 Water source
03:12 Distance from the lake
03:29 Changes have you notice
04:49 Changes to water level
06:04 Possible reason for water level changes
07:03 Wakâ Mne and Birch Lake
08:34 Growing up on Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation (ANSN)
12:00 Filtering drinking water
13:35 Water source for cleaning
15:37 Fishing and trapping
19:07 Changes around the lake & ANSN involvement
22:25 Example of policy interfering with tradition & ceremony
23:53 Concerns about the future of land, air, water and soil
32:28 Noticing changes around other lakes
36:05 Degradation of the lake
37:23 Industry and Government collaborate with the First Nation
37:30 Industry, government and First Nation participating in a solution
42:16 Maintaining traditions and livelihood
48:30 Involving non-indigenous peoples in finding a solution
52:34 Indigenous traditions and educating the youth

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