EJS Templating with Express | Routing, Passing Data to Template, Navigation | Node Js Tutorial

EJS Templating with Express | Routing, Passing Data to Template, Navigation | Node Js Tutorial | Learning Points

In this video we are going to learn about-
How to create node application?
What is package.json and what is dependencies?
What is package-lock.json?
How node module works?
What is express js and how to install?
What is ejs and how to install?
What is nodemon, why we use and how to install?
Ejs directory structure.
How to enable ejs in node project.
How to enable templating into node js?
How to add bootstarp with node application?
How to create header? How to create footer? How to add navigation in ejs?
How to create dynamic application with ejs.
How to pass data to view file?
How to print data dynamically using ejs?
And many more related things with express and ejs..

Next day we will going to learn about how to create a project, connect with database, setup menu, header, footer by using bootstrap

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