eevBLAB 106 - ChatGPT & AI Has Changed EVERYTHING

ChatGPT has changed everything in the space of a month.
2023 will be the year of Conversational Search and computer code generation.
And how MidJourney and DALL-E have rendered artists obsolete, or at least turned ANYONE into a nearly great and capable artist.
This video thumbnail was generated in seconds by Dave who has ZERO artistic skills.
Why The Chaser is setting up a futile paywall to stop the AI invastion.


00:00 - Chat GPT and Conversational Search will change everything
01:04 - AI can now generate better satire than the experts. The Chaser
01:45 - The new field of Prompt Engineering
06:41 - Will ChatGPT replace Google?
10:44 - Using ChatGPT to generate Arduino Python code
12:53 - Can ChatGPT write essays?
14:19 - Generate Python code
14:50 - Let's write a legal contract
15:36 - New Jobs. Become a Prompt Engineer
16:03 - AI generated Youtube videos and content
16:50 - Now EVERYONE is an capable artist
17:36 - Using MidJourney to generate rendered art and paintings
21:02 - Will AI tell you The Truth?

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