EAG CEO Brings Hope to Victims of Opioid Addiction Through SPARC

Buddy Jericho, CEO of Echo Analytics Group and CEO of Servicing People Around the Recovery Community (SPARC), shares how a tragedy inspired his family to help victims of opioid addiction. Read more here: http://Sparc-Life.com/

SPARC is a non-profit started by Buddy Jericho and his family after his sister’s death. She overdosed on fentanyl and heroin in 2019.

Buddy, a former member of the U.S. Intelligence community, is the CEO of Echo Analytics Group (EAG), a Quiet Professionals company. EAG specializes in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), or the collection and analysis of Publicly Available Information (PAI). From his intelligence work, Buddy understood the opioid crisis was bigger than one person or family. It affects people in all walks of life.

After his sister passed away, his family decided to help other victims. They formed SPARC to provide scholarships that help recovering addicts live a productive life.

Addicts often say re-entering society is too difficult, and it’s easier to be an addict. SPARC scholarships provide addicts with haircuts, clothing, resume writing classes, and more. SPARC helps victims of opioid addiction find hope and a sense of family after being released from treatment.

Buddy says understanding which drugs are being abused and how people are abusing and selling them are vital to solving the opioid crisis.

SPARC is a small non-profit but grows year over year, with more than scholarships provided to victims of opioid addiction. SPARC treats those it helps as family members and individuals. They stay in contact with those they have helped as well as perform community outreach.

Buddy says, “While we feel that we’re making a big difference in a small way, for us truly to combat the opioid crisis requires involvement by the government, local law enforcement, and non-profits. This is not just a crisis in Philadelphia, not just a crisis in New York, but a crisis all across America and a national security issue as well.”

You can find more about SPARC here: http://Sparc-Life.com/.
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