Duty of Care in the Workplace - Mental Health Month Webinar Series

Mental Health Month is an opportunity to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing across workplace communities.

OzHelp’s Duty of Care webinar explores how legal and ethical decision-making should be considered when developing long-term strategies to support psychological safety in the workplace. It discusses how effective programs can protect workers from psychological injury, and assist those who require support and/or reasonable adjustments in the workplace.

This webinar was hosted by Darren Black (OzHelp, Chief Executive Officer) with special guests Ashlee Berry (Master Builders Association ACT, Member Services Director) and Carolyn Parish (OzHelp, Director of Workplace Wellbeing).

For more information or to register for our up and coming webinars, head to ozhelp.org.au/mental-health-month-webinar-series/
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