Dustin Fenton Employee Testimonial of My Amazon Guy - Operations Director

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Actual quotes from My Amazon Guy Employees on an Anonymous Survey
You can see almost 1000 videos of the CEO Steven Pope on YouTube. That dude trains our staff, cares about them, and goes the extra mile (That’s a core value btw).

The people, culture, and ability to help clients make money.

MAG is a growing company. It seems it is going up. I am happy with the lack of micromanagement.

Friendly co-workers that help each other out.

Relaxed work environment – friendly people, open communication, no micromanagement, etc.

People, culture, day-to-day and career growth path.

Besides working from home that I can focus on my work and I know my toddler is safe, what I love working at MAG is that I have flexible time, I can manage my time properly as long as I finish my tasks on time. Co-workers are really helpful and I can learn a lot from them at the same time we can socialize even we’re at home with our own families.

MyAmazonGuy is a great place to work. There are so many opportunities to grow, whether in a specialized field or to grow the skills you have. MyAmazonGuy is also a diverse company who cares with their community members.

I like that I can work as fast as I want in a conducive environment suited to my needs. I get to learn anything, teach my knowledge and push to be the best i can be with no ceiling.

MAG seems like a great place to learn/thrive. My favorite thing about MAG is the extremely positive and motivational company culture.

I have learned a lot of new things regarding the Amazon process here in MAG even though I worked for 5 years as an Amazon Seller Support.

You can promote rapidly through the ranks at MyAmazonGuy.

Speaking with people all over the world and helping them with our services, so that they can grow their brands and make more sales.

Working with talented and intelligent people who are passionate about bettering themselves, both professionally and personally.

The flexibility and employees

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