DropDown Vs Combobox in Power Apps

In this video, I have explained the difference between a dropdown and Combobox and the differences. By end of this video you will learn:
⚡ What are the limitations with dropdown
⚡ Item limit limitation in Dropdown
⚡ How to enable the allow blank selection for dropdown
⚡ Make the Combobox searchable
⚡ Add an interactive message for combobox
⚡ Enable multi-selection in Combobox
⚡ Show item in combo dynamically as per the search criteria provided by the user
⚡ Show Combobox items from a data source beyond 100K records
⚡ Limit the selection of items on multi-select combo box

Table of Content:
0:00 - Introduction
0:31 - Output walkthrough
2:24 - Item limit limitation in Dropdown
3:39 - Enable allow empty selection
4:45 - Interactive message on a Combobox
5:26 - Enable multi-selection on Combobox
6:06 - Enable Search in Combobox
8:06 - Show dynamic items in Combobox
9:32 - Restrict user selection on a Combobox

Github link for the app:
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