Driving DEI within Financial Services Organisations - A Practitioner's Perspective

The panel tackle the issue of a lack of data in understanding the lay of the land in DEI within financial services. In tandem with collecting data, the industry must create actionable change from the top down.

This session is an extract from the I&D Virtual Conference Series. CFA UK's Inclusion & Diversity Committee and associated working groups explored the current landscape on social opportunities and risks, practical skills which can be implemented as best practice and how strong governance is the glue that holds everything together.

To view the full conference on-demand visit www.cfauk.org/inclusion

Noreen Biddle Shah, Head of Marketing and Communications, Numis
Leanne Mair, Managing Director & Co-founder, Benefactum Consulting
Mark Freed, Co-founder, E2W Services
Dominie Moss, Founder & MD, The Return Hub
Moderator: Victoria Thompson, CFA, JP Morgan
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