dream job! extremely powerful subliminal


✨ you can listen to this subliminal with or without earphones/headphones though listening with earphones/headphones will deliver the affirmations in your subconscious mind much easier and faster ..

✨this subliminal is unisex ..


↭ desired job
↭ high salary
↭ job benefits
↭ promotion
↭ job near at your home
↭ nice work environment
↭ finish work easily
↭ job well done
↭ kind and generous boss
↭ friendly co-workers
↭ salary increase
↭ work done on time
↭ energized and motivated to work
↭ easy tasks
↭ hands on
↭ release laziness
↭ release procastination
↭ release negative vibrations
↭ accept work tasks easily
↭ unleash your potential
↭ confidence on work
↭ responsible employee
↭ earn more money

note: this is a powerful subliminal, listen atleast 2-3 times a day or more.

♡ subliminal is a belief and is not a substitute for medicine or medical treatments.
♡ subliminals are affirmations that by pass your conscious mind and get directly through your subconscious mind. the affirmations are playing along with the music or ambience sound just below your hearing level ..
♡ if you feel headache or dizzyness while listening to subliminal, rest atleast 30mins to 1hour then listen again.
♡ subliminal usually take effect 7 days and up but you should continue listening to it up to 2-3 weeks atleast.
♡ don't control your emotions when listening to subliminals if you don't notice any changes at first it's okay and don't also force yourself that there is changes. just detach do other activities until you notice the changes and get the results.
♡ there are no guaranties or promises that subliminals will work it really depends on the consistency and resistance of the listener if it will work.
♡ it is safe you just have to believe ..
♡ no negative affirmations: no, not, don't, haven't, doesn't, never ..
♡ i also listen to my own subliminals ..

reminder: always drink water, eat on time don't starve yourself. take care of yourself ♡.
let me know in the comments if you have any positive results in my subliminals, i'll post it on instagram you can also dm me your result on insta ..
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thankss ♡

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