DP World company review | 100+ Open positions | Tech stack work culture benefits and jobs

In this video, I have given a detailed review of DP World India.
Here, I have talked about tech stack that they work in, their offices in India, the work culture and work life balance. Apart from this, here I have also discussed in detail about the different levels of Software engineer in DP World. Talked about the Years of experience required to crack the interviews . I have also explained in detail the unique salary structure of DP World and Also talked about my concluding review of the company.

I have also talked about the interview process and the level of questions and the type of rounds that happen in DP World. And discussed in detail for all the roles that it is hiring currently.

Career Page to apply : https://bit.ly/3QnelUk

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0:00 - Intro
1:51 - DP World
2:54 - Products of DP World
3:26 - Tech stack
3:39 - Locations
4:22 - Work Culture
5:15 - Employee Benefits
6:24 - Career website, Roles hiring
7:07 - Interview rounds & Level SDE 1,2 & 3
8:44 - Salary structure
9:16 - Worth it?

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