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Dori Talks
A Force For The Good.

A force for Good is the Dalai Lama’s vision for the world. That is more relevant now than ever before, not just in general but also as individuals. A parent, a brother, a sister, a partner, an employee, or an entrepreneur.

Start by asking… is your medical aesthetic team going out of their way to help your guests? Are they going the extra mile to satisfy them? Are they shining? Are they a force for good?

As I go about my life, and as a medical spa business advisor I am always looking to see what type of experiences businesses and teams are delivering. Most of the time I come across average experiences, but occasionally I am impressed with some employees who deliver great experiences and service even when the leaders are not watching.

With some medical spas the nurse injectors, the aestheticians, the laser techs, etc. are amazing! You notice immediately a sense of pride, commitment, and dedication to doing good work, to being a force for good! I want to share with you a story about Dawa, the young lady I met during my recent trip to Napa. Dawa is a shining star, a force for the good! The kind of person you want on your team, I wish more employees were like her.

Two weeks ago, I met three of my girlfriends in Napa to relax, go to the spa, visit wineries to of course drink wine, and eat good food. We stayed at Le Meritage Resort and Spa. We arrived around 2 pm, we were hungry but did not want to eat a big meal because we had dinner reservations. So, we saw this great outdoor courtyard with a wine tasting area to sit and they had a small carry-out food shop. We walked into the shop to buy some snacks. They had salads, different types of meat, cheeses, and bottles of wine. We started looking around trying to make our decisions. There were few employees behind the counter who were telling us “No” to what we were requesting. We wanted to buy a big container of beet salad and then we wanted four plates, they said no to the type of plates we wanted. Not a big request in our eyes but they said no.
1. It’s Not Black and White, There is Grey – Don’t Say No to Simple Requests.

2. Going the Extra Mile
3. Consistency
4. A Force for Good Character

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A Force For The Good
• Committed
• Dedicated
• Passionate
• Helpful
• Positive
• Functions well under pressure
• Great communicator

We all need medspa employees like that. Medical professionals of this caliber are worth their weight in gold. They’re contributors to the bottom line, to guest retention, to great reviews for your medspa, greater satisfaction, to success, and much more.

She is what I call a “player”. When you find a “player” you need to recognize them and keep moving them up the ladder. They will help you grow your business faster and stronger!

Congratulations to Dawa on being a force for good, a great leader, and an amazing employee. I will always remember her!

How do you know what your medical spa team is doing? From time to time, it’s good to send in a secret shopper and see how well your team does? If you haven’t, now is a good time to do it! So, you can enhance your experience and make sure that everyone on your team is a FORCE for GOOD!

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