Do you have to sign the disability insurance company authorization form?

Attorneys Gregory Dell and Alex Palamara discuss insurance company disability authorization forms and whether you must sign these forms to be eligible for long-term disability benefits. Insurance companies do have the right to investigate your claim. However, the authorizations requested are often too broad and ask for permission for unnecessary documentation. You do not need to allow insurance companies access to everything such as banking information, credit reports, confidential mental health records, etc.

You have the right to question certain requests for information, especially when it has no bearing on your disability claim. You may also have other medical conditions that aren’t relevant to your disabling condition. You can ask for a specific medical authorization to maintain your privacy. Our disability lawyers can help you navigate any authorizations or other forms requested by insurance companies while still proving you are disabled as defined by the policy.

00:00 – Do I have to sign the disability insurance company authorization form?

03:02 – Do not allow the disability insurance company to run your credit report. Strike it out in the authorization form.

06:06 – Always limit who you allow the disability company to speak with beyond your doctors.

09:41 – In some disability policies you can ask the disability company to send a specific medical authorization so that you know which medical records are being requested.

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