Do you have Selenium Certification?

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Learning how to use Selenium effectively can be a taxing task. There are various companies who offer Selenium training.

There is no officially recognized Selenium certification available, and the project developers strongly believe that certification is of no real benefit to individuals or the industry. We have not authorized anyone to offer "official" Selenium certification and anyone who claims to offer it is misusing the Selenium project's trademark.

No Valid Certification for Selenium.
I think ‘Selenium Certification is not worthy’ since it is open-source software and no official announcement from ‘Selenium Developer Comunity’.

In Selenium job requirements (, etc, ), we can’t find that companies are asking for Selenium Certification.

Some Training institutions are offering Selenium Certification with their self-defined syllabus (not universal syllabus), and these programs are not having any recognization.

Selenium Developers community (official website is: is not referring to any Selenium certification.

Selenium is not an all-inclusive test tool, it requires some third-party plugins and frameworks in order to broaden the scope of testing, Role of Programming, Testing Framework, etc, are important in Selenium Testing.

Selenium Complete Tutorial

Selenium Complete Videos and Class Notes PDF
Is Selenium Certification Worthy?

Prerequisites to learn Selenium

Selenium Syllabus

An Overview of Selenium
Java Programing for Selenium

Python Programming for Selenium
1. Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

2. Selenium Environment Setup

3. Web or HTML Elements

4. Locating Web/HTML Elements

5. Actions on Web Elements/Selenium WebDriver API Commands

6. Handling Web Elements in Selenium

7. Writing Selenium Test Cases

8. Selenium Cross Browser Testing

9. Selenium Data Driven Testing

10. Page Object Model in Selenium
TestNG Framework for Selenium
Selenium Automation Framework
Selenium Testing Live Project
Selenium Fresher Resume Preparation

Selenium Tester Resume
Selenium Tester Job Responsibilities
Selenium Real Time Interview Questions
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