Do You Have Employee Problems or Process Problems?

Are you doing regular performance reviews with your staff?

I find most business owners do. Quarterly, annually they provide feedback to their team on their performance.

Here is Part B of the question…

Are you doing regular process reviews?

Now you may be asking, well, why would I do that?

You see, most business owners are not doing process reviews of your business?

I want to shine the light on an area of business that is often overlooked but is critical for the sustainable growth of your business.

Process reviews will uncover areas of development within the business.

You perform performance reviews because you believe that as your team gets better, the business gets better. Right?

Like hiring the right people, for more information about Hiring the Right Person to check out my video for more details.

Well, here is the thing. Your business is a collection of processes run by people and you are putting time, effort, and energy into developing your people.

Why not put as much time, effort, and energy into developing your processes?

Think back to the skills and abilities you had as a business owner when you first started.

Now think of the skills and abilities you have now.

Have you had to grow and become better and develop yourself over the years?

Of course.

Think of the team members that started off with you. Do you have some that are still with you?

If you do, you have probably seen that they have had to grow and develop over the years as well. They have had to up-skill and get better.

Think of some of the staff that were not willing to do that. Are they still on the team?
They have probably left, right?

The business outgrows people. You have to continually evolve yourself to be able to grow your business.

And as your business grows, it outgrows the systems that once were working, right?

You need to schedule regular reviews of your processes and systems in the business so you continue to evolve to support the current business and plan for your business in the future.

I find most business owners only really look at process and system challenges when there is a real problem.

Typically this happens after they have blamed their staff for the problem. And often they are working with outdated processes or systems that don’t support the current needs of the business or customer.

We assume your staff shows up every day, sincere, hardworking, wanting to do a good job.

If that is the case, and you have a challenge, it is important to collaborate with that team member when issues arise.

Break down the system and the process they used to get the result that you are looking for and find out what went wrong.

Find out where the problems are in the process and the system.

Remember, your business is a collection of systems, they interact. There is an interdependence between the processes and systems in your business too.

You can have a problem with one process, that will impact other processes down the line.

Instead of blaming your people when there is a challenge, collaborate with them, analyze the system, see if together you can figure out what needs to change in the system.

Train them up and then you will have better consistency and growth in your business.

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