Do Not Make These Mistakes In Your Salary Negotiations 2022

Do you want more money from your employer? Spoiler alert: we all do. But we are not all master negotiators. Negotiating your salary is completely doable, but you have to know where to start. And the best place to start is with what NOT to say. Long story short, if you tell your employer the real, raw reason you want more money, you probably won’t get your way. But if you SPIN that reason into a value-adding proposition that helps your employer support you and therefore support the business, you’ve got a good foundation for a successful negotiation.

If you didn’t already know me, you should know that salary negotiation is like a sport to me. I have helped all of my clients through successful negotiations. Have a watch of this week’s videos to learn exactly what I tell me clients NOT to say, and in turn how to get across a better message.

0:00 - Things to avoid saying during salary negotiation
0:14 - "I deserve higher salary"
1:57 - "I go above and beyond"
3:05 - "My current salary is"
4:37 - "I need more money because"
5:52 - "I deserve higher compensation than the new grad"
7:05 - Salary compression
7:32 - Ask for a raise that outpaces inflation

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