Disruptive Evolution in the Creative Industry G1 Global 2020

G1 Global Conference @GLOBIS Tokyo, Oct. 11, 2020. https://g1summit.com/g1global/
Necessity is the mother of invention. At the heart of invention is creativity, which often flourishes in challenging times like COVID-19. How is COVID-19 changing the way of "creatives" work, as well as businesses and the industry? Are companies looking for new types of creativity? Are there new creative ways that people can communicate (with employees, customers, and other stakeholders)? Is creative collaboration feasible online? Or what are the essential differences between online and offline in creative work? In Post-COVID-19, what type of new creative businesses and art will emerge? Our panel will discuss the types of Disruptive Evolution that will be necessary to breed new forms of creative industries and give advice for business professionals as well.

Shiho Fukuhara (Artist, Co-Founder, BCL, Human Awesome Error)
Tom Kelley (Partner, IDEO)
Taisei Tanaka (CEO, Geisha Tokyo, Inc.)
Moderator: Kinya Tagawa (CEO, Takram)
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