Disney Pixar Cars Dan Carcia (Piston Cup Racers Showcase - S1E11) | By Toy-Lection From Zav S TV

Every Piston Cup Racer needs a Showcase as they are the ones that make us get connected with the Cars Franchise, these Showcases do not feature any reviews, comparisons and unboxings and no other videos will be out unless it’s needed. Check out all 12 episodes of the Piston Cup Racers Showcase, 1 for each Racer from April 5 to Nov 22.

-Season 1 Episode 11 - Dan Carcia is the Gask-its Racer 80 after taking the place for Rex Revler. He has been released in an Online Exclusive 10-Pack as a First Look and then re-released in the 2019/2020 “Next-Gen” Piston Cup Racers Series as a Single.

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