Dismantling Racism from the Inside Out

Join us as we apply the creative process to our learning and spiritual practice, bringing Mussar together with anti-racism work, led by Yehudah Webster and Rabbi David Jaffe.

To dismantle racism in our society at large and grapple with our own unconscious biases, we need to make both a systemic change as well as do the inner work to change our habits of mind. Habits of mind are changed most effectively through practice. Mussar is the Jewish spiritual discipline designed to integrate the head and the heart through daily practice. Together, we’ll delve into the synergies between anti-racism practice and Mussar, exploring how this ancient Jewish wisdom has an important role to play in the urgent contemporary challenge of dismantling racism.

This session explores how Mussar practices can actually be key tools for subverting the biases and hierarchies created by racism.
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