Disability Discrimination for Employment Advisers for Disabled Rights Webinar

The Disability Discrimination for Employment Advisers for Disabled Worker Rights Webinar, presented by Fiona Martin, Head of Employment Law at Martin Searle Solicitors in October 2021 includes disability discrimination examples and legal advice for employment advisers representing employees and workers with a disability.

The Webinar Agenda includes:
• What is a mental or physical disability under the Equality Act?
• When will an employer be considered to be on notice of disability?
• Helping employees and workers to raise formal grievances
• What constitutes a reasonable adjustment?
• Appealing grievance outcomes
• How to make sure reasonable adjustments are carried out
• How to handle sickness or disability-related disciplinary and capability processes
• Long and short-term sickness absence
• Employee and worker rights, including contractual and statutory

For more information: https://www.ms-solicitors.co.uk/employee/discrimination-in-the-workplace/disability-discrimination
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