Directory Opus: Toolbar Editing

Demonstration and discussion focusing on toolbar editing in Directory Opus.

Made with Joe Glines from the-Automator.com.

This video is also on Joe's channel. Joe kindly allowed us to share it here so our subscribers could find it more easily. Aside from the extra intro on this copy (introducing Joe and this new type of video for our channel), the content is the same.

Directory Opus website:

Directory Opus support forum:

Joe's YouTube channel:

Joe's Directory Opus playlist:

The first video in Joe's Opus playlist is an Introduction to Opus which we did a couple of weeks ago with Jean Lalonde, the author of Quick Access Popup. You might want to watch that too.

Some bookmarks via Justin Ralston (thank you! I don't know why YouTube isn't adding the comment under the video yet, so I copied them here from the email):

2:08 Backing up config files
2:38 Using slash to jump to alias folders
6:22 Drag button to toolbar to launch program
10:13 Edit button shortcuts
20:32 Hot Keys editing
25:51 Factory reset
28:22 Rename Buttons
31:29 Export setup backup
33:00 System wide Hot Keys
33:45 Running DOpus as service
35:50 Tree views
36:10 Turn on and off tree view following
40:15 Making buttons with scripts
41:12 Rename button script
50:25 Max folder size script
56:46 Copy full path name button
58:16 Hot Key clash colouring
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