Difficult birth right perineum || Labor and Delivery Vlog || o nascimento do HiNO || Parto Normal

Difficult birth right perineum || Labor and Delivery Vlog || o nascimento do HiNO || Parto Normal
Normal delivery is the process in which the fetus is released through the mother's birth canal. Indications for normal delivery when there are no obstacles in the birth process such as:
► Mothers with good health can ensure that they can push and breathe to provide oxygen and nutrients to the baby during labor.
► Without any obstruction on the way out of the fetus
► The fetus is healthy enough to pass the birth canal: no prolapse of the umbilical cord, no fetal distress...
► The fetus is not too big (greater than 4000g).
► After giving birth, the mother recovers quickly, can walk, eat, and can take care of her baby right after birth. After the first 2 hours, the mother can breastfeed, thereby protecting the mother's milk supply.
► Normal delivery helps the uterus contract better, reducing postpartum blood loss and limiting fluid retention.
► Newborn babies are usually breastfed after the first few hours to prevent hypoglycemia, which is favorable for the baby's growth and development.
► Babies born naturally, when passing through the mother's vagina, the baby's body will be exposed to beneficial microorganisms, thereby stimulating the baby's immune system.
► In the process of birth, the pressure of the birth canal helps the baby push out more fluid in the lungs than babies born by caesarean section, limiting the risk of respiratory diseases.
► Vaginal delivery also creates psychological stress, as the mother has to endure the pain and not know when labor will end
► Mothers have to wait for their due date, often deviating from the due date, so the mood is low and anxious
► Vaginal delivery can have some effect on the pelvic floor, leading to postpartum urinary incontinence.
► Some women cannot tolerate labor pain.
► In the process of giving birth, if there is a problem that will be difficult to handle or the mother is not strong enough to push, then the fetus has dropped down to the cervix. That will be very dangerous for the fetus, the doctor must use some birth control methods that can cause injury to the fetus
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